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The following is the department’s exit survey which is designed to gain information about our curriculum, concentrations, advising, etc. from the best source; the people that have been through it. We have attempted to make it easy to follow and answer, yet comprehensive. This survey should take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. You will be doing the department a valuable service by taking the time to complete this survey. Please feel free to comment on items asked, areas that are missing, unclear, or ambiguous, etc.

BEFORE BEGINNING THIS SURVEY, MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING A COMPUTER THAT IS CONNECTED TO A PRINTER. You will need to print a copy of the last page AFTER typing your name as instructed. This will serve as confirmation of your completion of the survey.

Thank you for taking the time to assist us in making our department and major concentrations better. Congratulations on your graduation and good luck in your career and future.

Allen J. Abraham, Ed.D.
Coordinator of Undergraduate Advising
San Francisco State University
Kinesiology Department
Gymnasium 137, (415) 338-2705, aabraham@sfsu.edu