Term 1 Music Performance Evening

The Music Department holds Performance Evenings each term. These are an opportunity for any student that wishes to, to have the opportunity to perform in front of an audience of other students, friends and family. There are no limits with regard to genre or style, providing that it is suitable for a general audience. Students may perform on any instrument or sing.

The first performance evening will be held in the Lecture Theatre on Tuesday, the 11th April. The evening will start at 7pm. 

Students are expected to attend the whole evening and to wear either performance attire or No.1 uniform. 

If you require an accompanist, please provide a copy of the piano music to Mrs Thompson in the Music Office as soon as practical. 

Entries must be received by Monday, the 3rd April and a finalised programme will be available to students by Wednesday, the 5th April. 

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