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This is an opportunity for you to have a say and help shape the future by sharing your views on a critical threat to humanity: killer robots, fully autonomous weapon systems with the ability to independently select targets and attack, without any meaningful level of human control.

International concern about the significant ethical, moral, legal, technical and operational issues around killer robots is increasing, and this survey seeks your views on some of the issues and what action should be taken.

Your participation in the survey will contribute to the development of new government policy on autonomous weapons. There is also the opportunity for you to be part of a Youth Focus Group (if you are under 30 years old) to provide input directly to decision makers, and other opportunities for you to get involved whatever age you are.

The survey can be completed in around five minutes - it is laid out as a discussion document so you can take longer if you wish to provide comments on the issues.

Thank you for sharing your views.

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Have your say and help shape the future: #TeamHuman vs #KillerRobots