1. Family Child Care Providers Are Coming Together!

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We’ve Coming Together to Win a Strong Voice and Improve Child Care!

On August 13th, Kids First child care providers came together from across Southern and Central Minnesota to launch our union and begin to work on making improvements to child care in Minnesota! At the convention, we identified issues and needed improvements to work on in the coming year with DHS. To make our case stronger, we have created this survey to learn more about priority issues facing family child care provides like you! This survey will guide the providers who will be meeting with DHS in the future. Your name will not be associated with your survey responses without your permission.

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Improving licensing rules and regulations to improve care and minimize inconsistent enforcement.
A voice for family child care providers in the design of the new quality rating system (Parent Aware).
Better information and communication with DHS.
Improving and simplifying paperwork for the Child Care Assistance Program.
Better opportunities for training and education.