1. General Information

Application Guidelines

SIM-one is accepting applications for The Keystones of Healthcare Simulation Certificate Program. All applications must be submitted online with supplementary documents:

• Curriculum Vitae (CV)
• Max. 1-page Bio

Important Dates

Deadline for Submissions: Application submissions are ongoing throughout the year.

Training Component

Participants must enrol and complete three of the applicable SIM-one courses:

• The Essentials of Simulation
• The e-Xplorers of Simulation
• The Frame of Simulation (Briefing/Debriefing)
• Simulation Centre Wizardry
• Simulation Research Primer
• Simulation Research Practices
• Simulation Scenario Writing
• Synergies

These courses alone will constitute over 40 hours of interactive educational time, matching the minimum requirements for accreditation at academic institutions.

Evaluation Component

A reflection paper must be completed following the acceptance into The Keystones of Healthcare Simulation Certificate Program.  A guide will be provided upon approval.