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Tell us what you think of the new cyber security resources.  Individuals who complete the survey by August 31, 2017, will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card. Drawing will occur September 1, 2017.  

* 1. Please share your contact information.

* 2. Are you aware that you have cyber security insurance through your KaMMCO policy?

* 3. How did you learn about KaMMCO’s cyber security insurance?

* 4. Have you reviewed KaMMCO’s cyber security insurance resources at

* 5. After exploring the updated web resources for how to avoid a cyber attack, (please check all that apply):

* 6. Your perceptions, please. What do you believe to be the greatest threat to your organization? (please choose 1)

* 7. Have you considered how to prepare for your greatest threat?

* 8. If yes, what are your preparations?

* 9. If no, why have you not prepared for a cyber threat?

* 10. Do you know anyone personally who has suffered from a cyber security attack?