21things4students - Tech Skills Grades K-2 HANDS-ONLINE 2017-18

Please complete the following short survey about your K-2 technology skills.

* 1. I can select items on the screen, move pictures or select checkboxes

* 2. I can open and close programs on a computer

* 3. I can navigate within a program by using basic navigation features

* 4. I can copy and paste words

* 5. I can highlight text

* 6. I can use the keyboard to add words to a document

* 7. I can erase words using the backspace button

* 8. I can save my document

* 9. I can use the mouse to change the look of my document (formatting)

* 10. I can watch a video and pause and start the video

* 11. I can click on an item and drag the item across the screen

* 12. I can use painting and drawing tools to create a document