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Minnesota is a Region-at-Large partner for the 2019 Scholastic Writing Awards. As a partner, State Library Services is recruiting 20 jurors to read and rate writing submissions from creative teens in grades 7-12.

Each juror will dedicate 10-15 hours to scoring a maximum of 110 submissions in the span of two weeks. Writing categories include critical essay, dramatic script, flash fiction, humor, journalism, novel writing, personal essay and memoir, poetry, science fiction and fantasy, and short story. Writing submissions are limited to 500 to 3,000 words. Jurors will use a 1-10 point scoring rubric to judge submissions.  Criteria includes originality, technical skill and emergence of a personal voice with an authentic and unique point of view and style. All works must be scored and entered into the Alliance’s Digital Adjudication (DAJ) online system by January 11, 2019. Jurors will attend a training webinar in December.

For information, contact Joe Manion, 651-582-8640.

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* 1. I would like to be a juror for the 2019 Scholastic Writing Awards.

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* 2. Please select your top three preferred writing categories as well as those you do not prefer below.
We will take juror preferences into account when assigning works, but jurors should be prepared to score works in any writing category.

  First preference Second preference Third preference Do not prefer
Critical Essay
Dramatic Script
Flash Fiction
Novel Writing
Personal Essay & Memoir
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Short Story
Writing Portfolio

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* 3. Or...

State Library will contact you with more details about training and judging writing submissions.
Thank you.