If you don't know Jump! Mag, please take a moment to have a look - www.jumpmag.co.uk

Jump magazine is the UK’s first online magazine for pre-teen girls that offers more than just pink lipgloss and celebrity gossip.

Fluff free and Bieberless is our motto.

Jump! Mag features fun articles and creative craft ideas, personal and school/career advice, insights into careers that girls may not yet have considered, articles about children around the world and interactive content, some of it written by their peers.

We feature female role models – not celebrities, but sportswomen, archaeologists, engineers, counsellors and councillors. The popular Written By You section showcases the work of our pre-teen readers.

Currently, Jump! Mag is run as a non-profit volunteer led enterprise. We are looking to develop the magazine further, which will involve an initial investment and continuing funding.

The future Jump! Mag will include:

- News and current affairs, presented in an age appropriate manner,
- Computer games, including learning to code
- Amusing videos and comic strips
- Study guides on topics covered in the National Curriculum
- Recipes
- Craft tutorials
- Peer to Peer counselling
- Advice on cyberbullying and using Social Media safely
- Career advice

It will be a subscription-based offer. Contributors will be experts in their field, and they will be given the option of being paid for their articles or donating their fee to a charity benefiting girls and young women.

Thank you for your interest in Jump! Mag, and for taking part in this survey. While the questions are aimed mainly at the parents, we are of course also interested in the views of our readers, so if possible could you fill the survey in together. Thank you.

* 1. Have you heard of Jump! Mag for Girls?

* 2. Where did you hear about Jump! Mag

* 3. Does your child currently read any print magazine? Which ones?

* 4. Does your child currently use any of these websites?

* 5. How much do you spend on magazines or websites for your child?