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*Terms and conditions applied.

* 1.

In some jurisdictions where EAS is legal or tolerated, a necessary criterion is the ___________________________.

Peter Hudson, Rosalie Hudson, Jennifer Philip, Mark Boughey, Brian Kelly, and Cees Hertogh (2015). Legalizing physician-assisted suicide and/or euthanasia: Pragmatic implications. Palliative and Supportive Care, pp 1-11.

* 2. What gene is mentioned in the first line of 'Molecular epidemiology of norovirus from patients with acute
gastroenteritis in northwestern Spain'?

Molecular epidemiology of norovirus from patients with acute gastroenteritis in northwestern Spain
preview C. F. MANSO and J. L. ROMALDE Epidemiology and Infection / Volume 143 / Issue 02 / January 2015, pp 316 - 324

* 3.

Severe mental retardation is characteristic for the more severe forms of disease falling within the general heading, particularly for type I, known as _________________________.

Vlasta Fesslová, Paola Corti, Giovanna Sersale, Attilio Rovelli, Pierluigi Russo, Savina Mannarino, Gianfranco Butera and Rossella Parini (2009). The natural course and the impact of therapies of cardiac involvement in the mucopolysaccharidoses. Cardiology in the Young, 19.

* 4.

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