Journ-E Beta Testing Information Sheet

Thank you for your interest in Journ-E’s Beta Test. This information sheet will take about 2 minutes to complete. Please take the time to go through this Information Sheet carefully before proceeding on to the Beta Test.

What is Journ-E?

Journ-E is a wellness mobile application created by psychologists that aims to provide a holistic and inclusive service with the aspiration to address mental wellness issues in Asia. Through Journ-E, we aspire to provide quality and affordable skills-based wellness activities and professional service to youths and adults.


Journ-E’s main feature is a chatbot that assesses, recommends, and delivers therapeutic interventions. The chat allows these to be delivered in a seamless manner, so that chats flow from assessment to intervention while users remain in the chat. There is no need to switch out of a chat to activate an intervention module.

- Users are first asked about their mood states, followed by a short assessment.
- Depending on the results of the assessment, the chat then flows into different branches which will address users’ specific risks and concerns.

Journ-E’s Beta-Testing


The Beta Test will run from 1 Feb 2021 to 12 Mar 2021.


The following are the eligibility criteria for Journ-E’s Beta Test
- The Beta Test is meant for testers who are aged 18 and above.
- Journ-E is not meant for mental health emergencies or crises.
- Users may need to download Testflight from the App Store first in order to download the Journ-E app.

Potential testers will be invited to register their interest through email. They must have either a Google Play store or Apple store account.

- Testers will then be notified of the creation of their account via the Google Play or Apple Store. They can then download and sign in to Journ-E.
- Once signed in, users will be guided through the chat to their assessment and intervention.
- Feedback will subsequently be gathered from users on their experience.


These are the steps for enrolment in the Beta Test.

- Step 1: Eligible testers should provide their email as well as their Google Play or Apple ID in the next page.
- Step 2: Eligible testers will then receive an invitation email from Lemon-E to download and install Journ-E onto one mobile device.

What information will be gathered during the beta-testing?

The following types of information will be gathered.

- Registration. No identifying information (i.e., participants' name, NRIC, address etc.) is captured during registration. Only their mobile phone numbers are needed to register and log-in to Journ-E.

- Demographic information. This will be namely age, gender, nationality, and race.

- User interface and experience. These will generally be questions on the usability and flow of the app.

- Intervention efficacy. This will be measured through (a) relevant topic-related instruments (e.g., anxiety scale for anxiety module), and (b) open-ended feedback from users on their intervention experience.

- Back-end information. This information will also be looking into the frequency and duration of usage.

- Content. We will not be studying the individual content of what users are sharing or chatting about with the chatbot. Content will be anonymised and aggregated for analysis.

Question Title

* 1. If you would like to enroll for Journ-E’s beta test, please provide your email and Google Play or Apple ID, and agree to the beta test’s terms and conditions.

Question Title

* 2. I agree to the Terms & Conditions for Journ-E’s beta test.