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Welcome to the Right At School Job Application. Right At School offers elementary school children outstanding enrichment opportunities before, during and after school. We're looking for dynamic and engaging staff for our school-based programs across the Midwest. Before completing the application, please be sure to review our complete job descriptions at: http://rightatschool.com/careers.php .

Please enter all information to the best of your ability. Due to the high volume of applicants, we may not be able to respond to every candidate individually. We thank you in advance for applying!

1. Please fill in all of the following information:

2. How did you hear about us (select all that apply)?

3. Please check the highest level of education you have completed:

4. Provide the name of the institution where you received your highest degree and the year in which you received it (Example: Bachelor's, University of IL - Champaign, 2010):

5. If you have a college degree, what was your major?

6. If you have attended or graduated from college, did you take classes in elementary education or child care or child development?

7. Are you bi-lingual or multi-lingual? If yes, provide languages spoken in the "other" box.

8. How many total years of experience do you have working with children?

9. What type(s) of experience have you had working with children (select all that apply)?

10. Which position(s) are you interested in (select all that apply)?

11. Do you have access to a car on a regular basis?

12. What days/times will you be available to work during the school year (we realize this may be subject to change)?

  Before School (6am-9am) Recess or In-School Enrichment (10:30am-2pm) After School (2pm-6pm) Not available

13. Are you primarily looking for full-time or part-time work?

14. If you are looking for part-time work , how many hours would you like to work?

15. Provide us with your recent employment history starting with your last or current job. Please also include past relevant experience if you have not recently worked in the child care field. For each line include Company/School name, Job title and dates of employment (Example: Right At School, Site Director, September 2011-June 2012):

16. Please provide the Name, Title, Email and Phone Number of three individuals (non-relatives) who can speak to your character, experience and ability (Example: Jane Doe, Principal at Right At School, jdoe@ras.com, 773-555-5555):

17. Right At School is looking for great educators to lead our classes. Please tell us in the following list, the classes you can lead teach, assist or have current certification for. If you have no or little experience with a particular class, please check N/A:

  Can Teach Can Assist Current Certification N/A
Arts and Crafts
Knitting or Sewing
Science Clubs
Community Service
Public Speaking
Anti-bullying programs
Recess games
Homework Help (K-8th grade)
Sports (general)
Track and Field

18. Criminal Record: Have you ever been convicted of a crime other than a minor traffic offense? If yes, please describe.

19. Based on your past experiences, what contribution can you make to Right At School's before, during or after school enrichment programs?

20. What do you like most about working with children?

21. How do you view out-of-school time as different than the regular school day?

22. If you are applying to be a Recess Coach, what do you think a great recess looks like?

23. If you are applying for In-School Enrichment in Beach Park, please talk about your experiences working with middle school students and what you can bring to an in-school program.

24. What date are you free to start?


25. What is your preferred location for Fall 2012 (check all that apply):

26. If you checked North side of Chicago, which schools are convenient for you? Click here! for the CPS School Locator

27. If you checked Near North/West/Central Chicago, which schools are convenient for you? Click here! for the CPS School Locator

28. If you checked South side of Chicago, which schools are convenient for you? Click here! for the CPS School Locator

Thank you for your time. It is not required, however, If you would like to send us a copy of your resume and cover letter, please send an email to jobs@rightatschool.com with your name and the title of the job in the subject line (Example: John Doe, Site Director resume)

Again, based on the volume of responses, we may not be able to reach out to all candidates. Please NO phone calls, emails, or faxes regarding the status of your application. Thanks again!