ATESL 2017 Conference Bursary Application

BC TEAL is granting 4 bursaries for members to attend the Joint BC TEAL/ATESL Ed Tech Summit in Calgary in the amounts of one $500 bursary and three $250 bursaries.The purpose of these bursaries is to support TEAL members in good standing* who wish to attend the 2017 ATESL Conference but are unable due to financial constraints.

*All current members, including BC TEAL and TCF board members, are eligible to apply.
Selection Process and Criteria
  • Applications are due Monday September 11, 2017.
  • Bursary recipients will be informed before the conference Early Bird registration deadline (September 29).
  • Please note that all information collected will remain confidential.

* Please enter your contact information.

BC TEAL's Mission Statement

The Association of BC Teachers of English as an Additional Language advances the profession of teaching English as an additional language in B.C. through professional development and research, organisational development, promotion of standards, advocacy and representation.

  1. BC TEAL encourages a high standard of professional teacher training in public and private institutes throughout the province of British Columbia.
  2. BC TEAL supports research and encourages professional development of English as an Additional Language educators throughout British Columbia.
  3. BC TEAL is an advocate on behalf of teachers and learners of English as an additional language in British Columbia.
  4. BC TEAL represents the profession of teaching English as an additional language in the development of policy at all levels of government.
Please write a response to each of the following prompts (150 words max).

* 1. Please indicate how your attendance at the ATESL 2017 Conference / Ed Tech Summit would align with or be in support of BC TEAL's mission statement.

* 2. How would an ATESL conference bursary assist your ability to take part in the Ed Tech Summit?

For membership data, please provide us with some information about your current employment.

* A. In which professional stream are you currently working?

* B. Does your employer provide PD funds?

* C. How long have you been in the profession?

In order to be eligible and to receive a bursary, you must accept the following conditions:
  • I agree that the information above is honest and accurate.
  • I understand that if I accept an ATESL Conference Bursary, I will attend the Ed Tech Summit on Saturday Oct 21st.
  • If I am granted a bursary but fail to attend the conference, I will be ineligible for future TEAL and TCF awards, grants, and bursaries.
  • If I am granted a bursary but later find I am unable to attend, I will contact the TEAL office in reasonable time to grant the bursary to another applicant.
  • I understand that for the bursary amount to be released, I will need to forward BC TEAL a receipt demonstrating related conference expenses.

* I agree to the above conditions.

Thank you for your interest in the Educational Technology Summit in Calgary. Please email if you have any questions.