Welcome to our super top secret application to join our super top secret community! Motiga is looking for the most PASSIONATE, THOUGHTFUL, COLLABORATIVE, and TRUSTED players to help play, test, and provide commentary about the latest changes to the game. In turn, these players - known collectively as our "Core" community - have the chance to work closely with the development team and provide them the critical feedback they need to build the best game possible.

If you're comfortable playing in a development space, working around bugs and experimenting with daily updates to the game, then read on! Core might just be the experience for you, and is an opportunity to play an important role in the evolution of Gigantic!

Core is a collaborative community who works together to provide thoughtful, critical, constructive feedback about the latest content and features being added to Gigantic. Participants are invited into our early development environment where they are able to work directly with the Motiga team, play with the latest changes, and provide thoughts and feedback about their experiences as they interact with the game. This development environment is a confidential space, which means that all players must agree to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and protect any information they gain from the public.

Motiga is a community-first company, and Core is one of the best opportunities for the community to play a direct role in the development of the game. There are just a few things we look for when seeking out players to join the community:
  • Core players must be trustworthy and willing to protect confidential information.
  • Core players must be able to work and collaborate with others.
  • Core players embody good sportsmanship, both in victory and defeat.
  • Core players have a love for the game and a desire to help it grow.
There are also a few additional notes about Core:
  • Core is a PC-exclusive environment. This is so we can make rapid changes and updates to the game. Core is only available on Arc, but is available to Windows 7, 8, and 10 users.
  • Core is an early development environment. Core is our development environment, and will come with more than its share of issues. Don't expect a polished game.
  • Core players must be fluent in English. This is to ensure that our developers can make changes based on your feedback, which is the single most important thing you can provide in Core!
  • The Core servers are based in North America. This shouldn't stop you from applying, but it will affect your performance if you're playing from anywhere outside of North America.
Still interested in participating? Hit Next to begin the survey. It shouldn't take long, and will give us everything we need to consider you for a spot in the Core community!