1. Welcome and thank you!

Hello Fellow Johnstonians!

Patricia and Eli attended college in two different eras--graduating in 1976 and 2012 respectively--yet we share a profound passion and appreciation for the Johnston education we share.

At Johnston’s 40th Renewal, Patricia began to ask,

How do we bring our education into the world?
What happens after Johnston?
Is there a relationship between experimental pedagogy and social justice?

She studied the literature on the history of experimental education by facilitating a Johnston seminar in 2010, where she met Eli, whose graduation emphasis on "Wandering philosophy--an approach to learning" he continues to study in graduate school.

With the blessing of Johnston’s current leadership, we are studying Johnston's place in the realm of higher education and the relationship between experimental education and social justice. We hope that through this survey, a limited number of interviews of Johnston graduates, and our exploration of experimental higher education, we will better understand Johnston's unique contribution to higher education.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would take about fifteen to twenty minutes to fill out this confidential survey (5 pages of questions) so we have more information on the relationship between a Johnston education and what happens “After Johnston”.

With gratitude and anticipation,

Rabbi Patricia Karlin-Neumann (Johnston College ’76)

Eli Orner Kramer (Johnston Center '12)