1. A Study of Job Stress on Job Satisfaction among Virtual Workers: An Empirical Study

My name is Tam T. Lam and I am a doctoral learner in the School of Business and Technology at Capella University. I am doing a research study called “A Study of Job Stress on Job Satisfaction among Virtual Workers: An Empirical Study”. This research is being supervised by Dr. Jelena Vucetic. I would like to invite you to participate in this research study. The main purpose of this form is to provide information about the research so that you can make a decision about whether you want to participate. If you choose to participate, please click on the “agree” button.

The purpose of this study is to focus on the relationship between job stress and job satisfaction among virtual workers in information technology and engineering. If you decide to participate in this study, you will be asked to fill out the survey questions. Your participation will take about 15 minutes.

Although no study is completely risk-free, we don’t anticipate that you will be harmed or distressed by participating in this research. If you find yourself becoming uncomfortable, you may stop your participation at any time.

We don’t expect any direct benefits to you from participation in this study. However, the findings of this study might help managers and virtual workers to raise awareness and understand the causes of job stress among virtual workers. Further, the findings will help both managers and virtual workers to have a better understanding of the impacts of telecommuting and the ramifications that may be encountered in the future. Furthermore, before considering a virtual workplace as a cost-reduction benefit, management must understand the potential ramifications of a virtual workforce on employees. Perhaps managers can assist their virtual workers in managing their priorities between work-life activities and help to create a more pleasant, effective, and productive environment.

The results of the research study will be published, but your name or identity will not be revealed. In order to maintain confidentiality of your records, the researcher will encrypt all the records, which can only be access with a password. All the records will be transferred to a CD and kept in a safety and locked cabinet for seven years after publication. And only the researcher will have access to the records. After seven years, the researcher will destroy the data by burning the CD.

Participation in this study is voluntary. If you choose not to participate or if you choose to withdraw from the study, you may do so at any time. There will be no consequence. It will not affect your current or future relations with your company. You can choose to close out the web browser during the survey if you choose to withdraw during the survey.

There will be no compensation provided for your participation in this study.

You are not waiving any of your legal rights if you agree to participate in this study, however no funds have been set aside to compensate you in the event of harm. If you suffer harm because of this research project, you may contact Tam T. Lam at 425-210-1731. You may also contact the Capella Human Research Protections Office at 1-888-227-3552, extension 4716.

By clicking on the “agree” button, you are saying that you have read this form or have had it read to you. You are also saying that you understand the risks and benefits of this research study and that you know what you are being asked to do. The researcher will be happy to answer any questions you have about the research. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the researcher at 425-210-1731 or tamtolam@hotmail.com.

If you have questions about your rights as a research participant, the Capella Human Research Protections Office is available to help. If you have any concerns about the research process or the researcher, please contact us at 1-888-227-3552, extension 4716. Your identity, questions, and concerns will be kept confidential.

* 1. I understand the risks and benefits of this research study and that I know what I am being asked to do.