1. About Us and This Project

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Thank you for letting the Fund for Our Economic Future learn about your transportation struggle (no car, no bus route, need car repair). Your story is important. It will help us as we work to find solutions. 

The information provided in response to this survey may be used publicly by the Fund on its website and/or in other promotional material to raise awareness on the job access issue and in support of solutions. While we encourage you to answer all questions, your name and background information are not required, nor are you required to answer every question. If you would like to share your personal story, but do not want to identify yourself, please omit your name and personally identifiable information in your response. You may also skip any question where you are uncomfortable providing information that may be shared by the Fund in the future.

To learn more about us and our work, go to www.thefundneo.org, or contact us at info@thefundneo.org

Again, thank you for helping to make Northeast Ohio a better place! Please share this survey with others you think would want to tell their stories.