Terms & Conditions

General conditions: 

All submissions must be more than 1:30min long and no longer than 5 minutes. 
Submission links (via Soundcloud or similar) must be CLEARLY labelled, with the same name as the entrant (or a note with the submission if the artist name is different to the person submitting the form). The entrant takes all responsibility for the link to be a working link – if the link doesn’t work, the song won’t be judged. 

If an ineligible submission is made into a category (e.g. if an alumni submits into Best Original Song), then it will not be considered in that category and you have wasted your time. Read the category descriptions thoroughly to make sure your submission is eligible. 
Submissions that feature sexism, homophobia, racism, intolerance, misogyny, xenophobia, or any derogatory language will be disqualified. It’s also not cool, so take a good look at yourself. 

Submissions close on Friday 1st of July at 5pm.

Question Title

* 1. I have read and understood the terms and conditions.