Congregational Vote

According to the by-laws of Newnan Presbyterian Church, 20% of total membership constitutes a quorum. In 2020 our total membership was 401, which means we must have 80 responses to elect church officers. This congregational meeting is taking place following worship on Sunday morning (10/17) as well as via Survey Monkey (the survey will be available through Sunday, 10/31).

Question Title

* 1. To ensure your vote is counted correctly, please list your first and last name. Please be aware that each church member in a household needs to vote in a separate survey. 

Question Title

* 2. In Accordance with NPC bylaws, the Officer Nominating Committee completed its work, submitting a slate of officers to the Session at its September stated meeting. The following slate was approved by the Session and is now being presented to the entire congregation for approval. Each of these persons has been contacted and has agreed to serve if elected by the congregation. 

Class of 2022
Elder for Outreach Ministry - Melanie Smith

Class of 2023
Elder for Property Ministry - John McGee
Elder for Christian Education - Nan Troutman

Class of 2024
Clerk of Session - Mary Howard
Elder for Senior Adult Ministry - Joy Gugert

Class of 2022
Greg Shivers
Vicki Hunter - to fulfill Melanie Harkleroad's unfinished term.

Class of 2024
Jenna Black
Sean Rogin
Kim Wise

If you have any questions, please contact Elder Audrey Spragins, Clerk of the Session via email at

And now for the vote:

Do you approve the slate of officers as listed above?