Thank you for attending the Jewish Culture Fest! We hope you enjoyed the event and will take a few minutes to share your feedback with us. Significant changes were made at the Jewish Culture Fest in response to feedback we received following the 2013 Jewish Arts Festival.  Your input will be very helpful as we begin to design the next Jewish Culture Fest!

1. Overall, how would you rate the 2017 Jewish Culture Fest

2. The goal of re-imagining the Jewish Culture Fest was to provide a more comprehensive celebration of Jewish culture as compared to past festivals. Did we meet this goal?

3. My exposure to Jewish food, music, art, community service, Israeli technology, etc. helped increase my understanding  and appreciation of Jewish culture.

4. I feel a greater sense of connection to and responsibility for the Jewish community after attending the Jewish Culture Fest.

5. What attracted you to the Festival? (please check all that apply):

6. Tell us about your experience at the following festival attractions:

  Exceeded my expectations Met my expectations Didn't meet my expectations Didn't visit
Food Pavilion
Eucalyptus West
Musical/Entertainment Performances
Visual Artists
Family Pavilion
Mitzvah Tent
Israeli Innovation Exhibit
Electric Avenue
The J Tent
Organizations/Agencies/Congregational Displays
Kosher BBQ Competition

7. How did you like the layout of the Festival?

  Strongly agree Agree Neither agree or disagreel/No opinion Disagree Strongly disagree
Parking was convenient.
It was easy to find the areas of the Festival I was interested in.
It was easy to move through the Festival.
There was enough seating.

8. How did you hear about the Jewish Culture Fest? Select all that apply.

9. Were you a volunteer at the Festival?