100% of survey complete.

* 1. I am a...

* 2. I am in ...

* 3. I feel safe at school.

* 4. I do my personal best and follow school rules.

* 5. I feel comfortable talking to my principal.

* 6. My teacher helps me to learn.

* 7. My teacher treats me fairly.

* 8. I feel comfortable asking the teacher questions when I don't understand something.

* 9. I feel important within my classroom community.

* 10. I make good choices about my behavior.

* 11. In school, I like to learn new things.

* 12. I am proud of my work.

* 13. I try my best to find the answers to questions.

* 14. The following subjects are...

  too hard just right too easy
Social Studies
Physical Education
Computer Lab

* 15. I talk at home about what I learned in school.

* 16. I go to Rocket Readers, get pulled for math help, or an Intervention Block.

* 17. If you go to Rocket Readers, get pulled for math help, or an Intervention Block, please answer this: Do you feel that the small group setting helps you to learn?

* 18. I read at home.