Sharing Your Best Practices

Thanks for your interest in our Social Media Successes for Jewish Educators webinar series this summer. We are designing 5 webinars around important themes, and are seeking to feature a few case studies of excellent work in each webinar.

Please share your examples of your best work here. You do not need to share an example for each of the 5 categories, though you are welcome to do so. Please be as detailed and specific in your submissions, including links to any available online examples. If you'd like to submit screen shots, please email them to Text boxes are intended to be a guideline for submission length, but there is not a limit -- feel free to write as much as you feel necessary to convey your thoughts.

We'll be choosing a few in each category to present on our webinars, and will collect and share the others as well so everyone can learn from the many submissions we receive. We wish we had time to feature everyone! Topics may not be presented in this order. Once we determine the case studies to be shared by webinar, we will coordinate with those educators to determine which topic takes place on which date.

* 1. Topic #1: Family Engagement. How are you engaging families using social media? Please describe the tools you are using, your strategy, and what results you're observing. What benefits - intended or unintended -- have come from these efforts? How long have you been doing this work?

* 2. Topic #2: Community Building. How are you building community using social media? How are you helping people connect to one another, and/or be an active part of your congregational community? What strategies are working? Please provide an example of your work and the benefits derived.

* 3. Topic #3: Making Jewish educators most available to the community. In some cases, we can use social media to make our lives more efficient, and engage more people more often. How are you making yourself (or your staff) available in more ways to your community? What tools are you using, and how is the community responding? Please give an example of one or two interactions that you feel are important and successful.

* 4. Topic #4: Professional Development. We are all seeking to continue to learn, be inspired, and find examples of work that we can adapt and apply. How are you using social media to expand your professional development and/or those of other educators at your congregation? What tools are you using in what way? How do you find it valuable? Please give examples of where these personal learning networks or specific tools have made an important difference for you.

* 5. Topic #5: Curricular Uses. How are you using social media in your curriculum? Please share what you're using and why, as well as the context in the curriculum. How have these tools been an added benefit for your students, parents and/or teachers? What have you observed as you've implemented these tools? What have been the greatest challenges, and greatest successes?

* 6. Are you willing to share your work via: (check all that apply)

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* 9. Did you attend the NATE/JEA Social Media For Jewish Educators series presented by Darim Online last summer?