Thank you for your time to complete this supplemental questionnaire. Your responses will help Judicial Council staff evaluate the progress of the Juvenile Dependency Counsel Collections Program’s (JDCCP) local and statewide implementation, and examine the impact of the program on court workload and finances. Please complete this questionnaire by September 30, 2014.

The term "responsible person" as used in this questionnaire is defined in section 3 of the JDCCP Guidelines: Responsible person “…refers to the father, mother, spouse, or any other person liable for the support of a child; the estate of that person; or the estate of the child, as made liable under (Welfare and Institutions Code) section 903.1(a) for the cost of dependency-related legal services rendered to the child or directly to that person.”

Questions or comments may be directed to or 415-865-4563.
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