Jaywick Sands Design Guide SPD

Jaywick Sands is a unique and resilient community with a distinctive sense of place. It is a rare example of a plotlands development where the original small plots, gridded street pattern and chalet-style buildings survives largely unchanged since it was founded in the 1930s.

Jaywick Sands’ position by the sea is both its greatest asset and also its greatest challenge as the community now faces an increasing risk of flooding, which is particularly concerning as many homes in Jaywick Sands are now in very poor condition. It is therefore vital to encourage the replacement and upgrading of homes in Jaywick Sands to a flood safe standard while also enhancing the character of the area and supporting its regeneration.

This new Design Guide is intended to show how how flood safe development should be designed so that it creates a high quality living environment for residents of the development itself and the wider community of Jaywick Sands. Once adopted, it would be a material consideration for planning applications in Jaywick Sands and would be used by:
  • Community members when commenting on planning applications or early stage proposals
  • Planning officers in determining planning applications and pre-application submissions
  • Property owners and developers, and their design and planning consultants, in producing proposals for their sites
This survey presents a summary of the proposed new guidance only - we encourage you to read the whole draft Design Guide before you comment. This survey forms part of a statutory consultation under the Town and Country Planning Regulations - there is further information about this on Tendring Council's Jaywick Sands webpage.