* 1. Have You Ever Thought of Running for Public Office?

* 2. Are You Running for Office this Year?

* 3. Which of the following topics interest you the most?

  Not Interested Interested Very Interested
How to Prepare for a Campaign Before it Begins
Easy ways to Develop and Tell your Signature Story
Simple ways to Construct a Great Campaign Slogan
The 5 Step Guide to a Compelling Message
Creating an Earned Media Plan that Keeps You in the News
How to Prepare for a Tough Newspaper Interview
Getting what You Want out of a Television or Radio Interview
How to Shine on Stage in a Tough Debate
The Secrets of Compelling Websites
How to Write and Produce Compelling Video Ads
How to do Persuasion Mail that Voters WANT to Read
Using Social Media to Raise Money and Drive Voters to Your Website
The Secrets of Internet Ads; Making them Work for You
The Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Constructing a Budget
The 5 Best Sources of Money; 7 Ways to Raise it.
Wargaming: How to Anticipate and Counter Your Opponent’s Strategy

* 4. If we were meeting for a quick coffee to discuss your campaign, what is the first question you would ask?

* 5. If we had a full hour to discuss a political campaign, what are the first three questions you would ask me?

* 6. If you would like to speak with me, please share your first name and email address.