Janesville School 2018

We need your response to this short survey so we can better serve the needs of your students. Your answers will remain anonymous. At the end you will have the opportunity to enter a raffle drawing.

* 1. I have a student in the following grade(s). Check all that apply.

* 2. I feel welcome to visit the school and my child's classroom.

* 3. I feel welcome to contact my child's teacher about questions or concerns.

* 4. I receive adequate reports on my child's progress.

* 5. For upper grade level students, I use technology (i.e. class webpage, Remind.com) to check my student's homework assignments.

* 6. Parent-Teacher conferences helped me to be involved in my child's education.

* 7. My student receives a good education at Janesville School.

* 8. Janesville School is a supportive and inviting place to learn.

* 9. My student is safe at school (socially, emotionally, and physically).

* 10. The school's facilities are kept attractive and safely maintained.

* 11. Disciplinary practices are appropriate at Janesville School.

* 12. I receive adequate communications regarding discipline, activities (such as back-to-school night and sports), and emergency events (such as school closures).

* 13. My student has access to quality school lunches with adequate nutrition and portions.

* 14. My student receives appropriate amounts of homework.

* 15. My student has access to extra help from teachers and staff in addition to class time.

* 16. My student has access to homework help outside of school time (i.e. tutoring, after school homework club, or at home).

* 17. My student has access to quality extracurricular clubs and activities.

* 18. My student has access to a computer and the internet outside of school time.

* 19. The students are respectful of each other at Janesville School

* 20. The students and staff are respectful of each other at Janesville School

* 21. Do you feel that when you express your concerns at Janesville School they are heard, appreciated, and acted upon?

* 22. Are you aware you can observe and/or participate in PTO, Site Council, and School Board meetings at Janesville School?

* 23. What changes or additions would you like to see at Janesville School in the near future?

* 24. Is there anything we should have asked that we didn't?

* 25. If you would like to be entered into the raffle drawing, copy and paste the following link in another window to enter your name anonymously from this survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/janesville-2017-raffle
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