The goal of the JAFSCD Author Mentor Program is to provide less experienced and limited resource researchers or professionals with no-cost, short-term technical assistance in preparing a submission to the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development (JAFSCD). This might be a research paper (peer-reviewed) or a commentary, viewpoint, or reflective essay (not peer-reviewed). The assistance may include:
  • General advice in focusing the topic
  • Modest editorial help— sentence clarity and logic
  • Assistance in submitting the draft to JAFSCD

CAREFULLY NOTE: Before completing this survey, be sure you have exhausted all other sources of support -- experienced authors you may know, a professor, a writing workshop at your institution, etc. 

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* 2. Which of the following best represents your interest in having a JAFSCD Author Mentor get in touch with you?

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* 3. YOUR RACIAL IDENTITY. The JAFSCD is committed to building a more diverse publishing community. To that end, please indicate in your own words how you racially identify in the box below. Carefully note, this is simply a request and not a requirement. If you choose to do so, we appreciate you helping us quantify our progress toward a more equitable and inclusive journal.

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