1. Survey on the Impact and Value of UKOLN's IWMW Event

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UKOLN's IWMW (Institutional Web Management Workshop) event was launched in 1997 and has been held annually ever since.

Feedback has continued to show that the events are highly regarded across the community. However at a time in which there are cuts across the higher education sector there is a need to identify the impact of the event as well as the tangible benefits which IWMW has provided to the sector.

We welcome your comments. This survey is open to attendees at previous IWMW events, speakers and facilitators at the events, those who may have participated remotely and those who may have sponsored the event or attended as an exhibitor.

All questions are optional. Anonymised versions of comments may be used in other materials. The information gathered will be used in planning future events.

Note that there are four sections: 1) Your Participation and Details; 2) Impact and Value; 3) Strategic Alignment and 4) Alternative Approaches.

This survey should take approximately 5-10 minutes to fill in.

* 1. Name (optional):

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* 4. Tick your areas of involvement with JISC.

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* 6. How many events have you attended?

* 7. What role(s) have you had at IWMW events (multiple responses welcomed).