We want to gain feedback from people who came along to the International Women's Day (IWD) Festival Derby on Saturday 11th March 2017 in the Market Place Marquee & QUAD.
This event was organised entirely by a small group of volunteers and we really appreciate your feedback - your suggestions are welcome but please keep in mind that this is a community festival organised by volunteers with minimal funds but lots of goodwill.
Your comments will help us give evidence to funders and sponsors about why this event matters as well as helping us make plans for IWD 2018!

You can also send us comments by e-mail to iwd@energise.biz or via Twitter @WomensDayDerby
or Facebook www.facebook.com/WomensDayDerby
We can send you a printed version to complete or take your answers over the phone too - please contact us for details. Thank you.

* 1. How did you find out about the International Women's Day Festival?
please tick all that apply

* 2. What did you like about this event?

* 3. Please rate the different parts of this event:

  :( Poor OK :) Excellent
Stalls & table-top activities
Talks & Workshops at QUAD
Fun for children
Our volunteers
Venue - Marquee (stage & stalls)
Venue - QUAD (workshops)

* 4. If you attended any workshops or talks at QUAD please tell us which one/s and your feedback - what did you gain or enjoy?

* 5. Did you try something new at the event? For example, new arts & crafts, sports, graffiti, drumming, dance, workshop, food, sing-along, etc

* 6. Why is this event important? What impact did the day have on you?
(we want to know how people are affected, inspired, informed by the festival and your answer may help us make the case to funders and sponsors in the future)

* 7. How long did you stay at the event?

* 8. If you were at the event all/most of the day, please estimate how many visitors you think came into the festival?

* 9. Did the event inspire you to do something? please tick all that apply

* 10. If you were a stallholder or workshop facilitator - what were your outcomes?
e.g. raised £50 for women's charity, signed up 20 potential volunteers, engaged 10 people in discussion on consent, 100 positive conversations about girls' rugby, gave out 40 job opportunity packs, connected with 10 new stallholders/groups to collaborate, etc

* 11. How can we make the event better next year?
Please be specific e.g. if you would like a bigger venue or indoor venue please suggest one to us, please keep in mind this event is run entirely by a small team of volunteers.

* 12. Overall, what 3 words would you choose to describe the festival?

* 13. Anything else you want to add? Anything you'd like to contribute to the event next year?