The IVFC Board of Directors crafts long term planning for the co-op’s vision and provides fiscal oversight of the business.  They are representatives of the membership who serve a crucial function in the cooperative.  Please vote for the 3 (THREE) candidates you would like to serve on your Board of Directors.

If you have a question about the voting process you can contact Y(our) Board of Directors Election Committee Chair:
Lisa Oglesby at

The election runs February 25th through March 12th.  One vote per membership.

* 1. Primary Member Name:

* 2. Member Number (on the back of your co-op card):

Matias Eusterbrock

Matias Eusterbrock
Why do I want to be a Board member of your Food Co-op?

It was with great excitement that I first considered running for the Board of the Isla Vista Food Co-op.  The Food Co-op is undoubtedly Isla Vista’s hub of direct action; it addresses environmental sustainability, social justice, and a healthy community.  Consumer and storefront activism strengthen the demands of organized farm laborers for rights such as overtime pay and inflation-indexed wages, and I’m proud the Food Co-op enables me to contribute to these struggles through purchasing choices.  As a board member I would continue to support practices such as accepting EBT/Food Stamps (one of only 2 places in Isla Vista!), ‘Co- op Basics’ sales, and other policies that help make socially and environmentally responsible choices more affordable to our community.

Who am I?

I live a dynamic life as a UCSB student and community-engaged individual.  I live at Dashain housing co-op, where we cook, clean, and look after each other under a cooperative model.  During the week you can find me studying for my double major in Sociology and Economics, trying to ask the critical questions necessary to make society economically just and environmentally sustainable.  On the weekends you’ll find me at Estero Park, working on my jump shot and talking smack to Isla Vista’s pickup basketball players.  With the free time I have left, I commit my energy to moving forward local projects like the Isla Vista Community Center and establishing industrial composting infrastructure for local businesses.

Mo Rea

Mo Rea
My name is Mo Rea and I been part of the Isla Vista community for over a decade. Being a long term resident of Isla Vista I have seen this small city and the Co-op go through many changes. It was been a marvel to see Isla Vista flourish as a city and the Co-op along with it. As a previous manager of the Co-op I have a unique insight that would be valuable to the Board when making decisions regarding long-term planning and visioning, policy making, and food access in our community. Being a key manager and member throughout some of the Co-op’s biggest changes, such as the beautiful façade and Project We Own It, has helped me to appreciate what an integral part of Isla Vista the Co-op truly is. One of the responsibilities of being a board member is “to make decisions in the best interests of the Co-op and its entire membership.”  As a person of color and a Spanish speaker, I hope to be a voice on the Board of Directors for those who may feel underrepresented in the current membership. As a Director, I would contribute my experience as a manager, marketing assistant, student, and SNAP user to the table of decision making. Thank you for considering me as a candidate to our Board and I hope that with your vote of support I can continue to serve the Isla Vista Food Co-op and out beautiful community.

Ann Wisehart

Ann Wisehart
I am the current board treasurer and am running for a third term on the board. We have an active and harmonious board and I am anxious to continue working on the projects we have started including our Strategic Plan update, By-Laws update and developing procedures to better implement the board’s financial oversight function.

I have been a member of the Co-op for over 30 years.  I graduated from UCSB with an engineering degree and worked as an engineer for 20 years.  I have always been a food gardener and supporter of organic and local farms.  I helped start the Community Supported Agriculture program at Fairview Gardens.  I am married with a college age son (husband and son also Co-op members!)

I would be honored to continue to represent the Co-op membership as our board works to build an ever stronger Co-op.

* 3. Vote for up to three (3) candidates for the Isla Vista Food Co-op Board of Directors.