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Citizens Advice Scotland has launched a campaign on unfair charges for parking on private land. The campaign aims to raise awareness of consumer rights, and highlight bad practice.

Citizens advice bureaux across Scotland have seen clients with complaints in this area. Usually, they have been harshly penalised for parking in supermarket, garden centre and other private car parks, and often harassed by the companies who operate the car parks.

We want to raise awareness of this issue to help people understand what's fair and what's not fair when it comes to parking charges on private land. If you have been affected by this issue, please fill in this short survey.

More information on the campaign and what to do if you have been charged unfairly can be found at the end of the survey.

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* 2. How much did the parking company charge you?

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* 3. Where was the car park? Please let us know the store and / or town, city, etc.

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* 5. Please tell us your story including any details which you think important.

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* 6. Did the letter from the parking company or a debt collector say any of the following?