1. Welcome

Welcome to the 2018 IT Success Rate Survey. The goal of this survey is to find out what is currently occurring on software development teams and how well it's working. There's a lot of rhetoric flying around out there but not a lot of hard data, making it very difficult for IT departments to make fact-based decisions as to how to organize the work that they do. You can help to rectify this problem by filling out this survey as honestly and thoroughly as you can.

This survey has a max of 16 questions across 4 pages (including this one). It should take you 7 minutes to complete at most, but more likely closer to 5 minutes. Thank you very much for investing your valuable time to fill it out.

Chance to win a book:
Anyone who fills out the survey to the end has a chance to win a signed copy of one of Scott Ambler's recent books.  We'll draw five winners and will give them their choice of one of three books: An Executive's Guide to Disciplined Agile; Introduction to Disciplined Agile Delivery 2nd Edition; or Refactoring Databases.

What we're doing with the information:
The results of this survey will be summarized in a forthcoming webinar at DisciplinedAgileConsortium.org and a blog posting at DisciplinedAgileDelivery.com, both by Scott Ambler.

This is an open survey, so the source data (without identifying information to protect your privacy), a summary slide deck, and the original source questions will be posted at Ambysoft.com/surveys/ so that others may analyze the data for their own purposes. Data from previous surveys have been used by university students and professors for their research papers, and hopefully the same will be true of the data from this survey. The results from several other surveys are already posted there, so please feel free to take advantage of this resource.

25% of survey complete.