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Maurice Hollingsworth, Ph.D.
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The Ministry of Education and the IT for Dominica Summer Institute welcome your registration and participation in one of five course offerings this summer (in order of difficulty):

Course: Fundamentals of Computers in Classrooms
Instructor: Ms. Durand
This course is designed around a series of competencies that will assist teachers in the fundamental skills of using computers for educational purposes. The course is intended as an introductory course that serves as a building-block leading to further courses that teach about integrating technology. The course is particularly oriented to teachers who need introductory skills or are cautious about using computers. This is a “friendly” course. 

Course:  Sharing Practical Technology Ideas for You and Your Students
Instructor:  Emma Lenz, B.Ed.
Ready to increase your knowledge of technology? Your comfort with various classroom learning tools? Your teaching ability and your students' learning? If so, come and explore these practical technology ideas! You'll come away with resources and methods that you can use to develop your own students' comfort with technology and further your classroom instruction in an engaging, creative, and digitally literate manner. Each day, we will look at several websites, programs and online resources over a wide variety of grade levels and subject areas to inspire student learning and for your own professional growth. Daily assignments will allow you to explore the resources and to develop and tailor the tools for use in your own classrooms for your own students.

Course: Using Google Classroom to Connect Learners
Instructor: Heather Williams, B.A., B.Ed.
Technology is being used in classrooms to facilitate communication, collaboration and management of classroom assignments. This course will show teachers how to create and use a digital classroom as well as manage learning materials through Google Classroom and other Google tools. Through Google Classroom, teachers and students can manage learning materials. Google Classroom can be used to enhance teaching and learning activities, and provide students with alternative activities that may better meet their learning styles.

Course: Building a Professional Learning Network
Instructor: Darlene Hubber, B.Ed.
This course is designed to help you create your own individualized professional learning network (PLN).  Connected teachers worldwide are creating and using these kinds of networks as tools for both their own professional growth and for online resource sharing. Our focus will be on how you can continue to improve your professional practice and model lifelong learning for your students using a variety of digital tools. Find information you need and how to move from consumer to creator using online resources that allow you to contribute and collaborate with other educators anywhere, anytime.

Course: Online Education and Blended Classrooms
Instructor: S. Friesen, BGS, M.Ed.  
Looking for a way to reach those students who have irregular attendance? Want to spend more time working with students and less delivering materials? Come learn how you can use online tools to teach