* 1. Name of your I-Serve Project

* 2. How did you learn about this project?

* 3. Please indicate your level of agreement with the following questions.

  Strongly Agree Agree Neither Agree nor Disagree Disagree Strongly Disagree
The project met my expectations.
My involvement in community service is motivated by my faith.

* 4. On average, how many times do you participate in volunteer opportunities?

* 5. What influenced you to be involved with this particular service projecct?

* 6. Did this service opportunity inspire you to volunteer on a more frequent basis?

* 7. How were you inspired?

* 8. How can you continue to have an impact on the local community after completing this project?

* 9. Do you consider yourself to be religious?

* 10. If yes, with what faith do you affiliate?

* 11. Do you consider yourself to be spiritual?

* 12. Since serving on this project have you become more comfortable with people of a faith different from your own?

* 13. Optional: Please include your name and email address