This checklist is designed to assist you in determining whether or not you can upload content through the College's course management system. A PDF version of the checklist is available for your use, too. If you opt to submit your checklist, the library will review the content to see if we can offer further guidance or suggestions.

* 1. Contact Information (name, phone number, and email)

* 2. Content information (author, title, publisher, ISBN/ISSN, date, web address, available creator/owner information, etc.)

* 3. What is the format of the content?

* 4. Is this format physical or virtual?

* 5. Was the content acquired legally?

* 6. Where did you obtain the content? (Check all applicable answers.)

* 7. How is the content protected or free from copyright?

* 8. Does the content meet any of the exception guidelines?

* 9. What portion of the content are you seeking to use?

* 10. What conditions apply for use?

* 11. Comments or questions