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* 8. Are you looking to build your membership roster?

* 9. Would you like us to refer athletes looking for a club in your area to your club website?

* 10. Do you suggest a race calendar of events to your members?

* 11. How do you communicate to your club members?

* 12. Do you hold monthly meetings or other social events with your members?

* 13. What factors are important to you and your members when setting up your annual race calendar?

* 14. Can we contact you by phone to discuss our 2014 Club Ambassador program?

* 15. Do you have a community service program or raise money for a local, regional or national non-profit?

* 16. Would you like to receive information, samples and special offers sent by WTC on behalf of the event sponsors for your members?

* 17. Who is the primary contact for the club?

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