Information Changes and Additions

Note that for any field, if you believe iPraxis already has the most recent and accurate information, you may leave it blank. IF WE REQUIRE AN ANSWER, it is likely due to government oversight or funder mandates for statistics, or for correspondence such as event invitations or end-of-year thank-you acknowledgements. iPraxis will never share your information with anyone.

* 1. Please provide the email address we used to send you the invitation to join this survey.

* 2. Please provide your preferred email address, IF DIFFERENT THAN ONE WE'VE BEEN USING.

* 3. Please check your preferred salutation.

* 4. Please provide your preferred first name, as in "Bill" versus "William."

* 5. Please provide your preferred last name.

* 6. Please provide your cell number-digits only. Reaching you day of assignments is important. Mine is 2156053279. :-)

* 7. What current educational/career status best describes you?

* 8. If you have a degree, what's the highest level degree you've COMPLETED and RECEIVED?

* 9. If any, with what institution of higher learning are you either currently or most recently associated, either as a student, alum, faculty, administration, or other?

* 10. Who is your current or most recent employer (volunteering included, but do not include iPraxis)?

* 11. Pertaining to the last question (Q10), what is/was your title?

* 12. How do you prefer to engage as a volunteer with iPraxis?

* 13. Please select any background clearances you have completed in the past three years (mandatory for in-class mentoring).

* 14. When do you prefer to volunteer?

* 15. If working in schools, which school(s) do you prefer?

* 16. What subjects(s) or project topic(s) interest you? (Use "other" field to tell us why.)

* 17. Please update your mailing address. You may think we have it. We may not have it.

* 18. What is your birth year? (You may write "prefer not to answer in 'other'.")

* 19. What is your gender? (You may write "prefer not to answer in 'other'.")

* 20. With what federally recognized ethnic group(s) do you identify? (You may write "prefer not to answer in 'other'.")

* 21. Please provide preferred day of the week and time for hour-long, pre-service iPraxis volunteer orientation.

* 22. Please provide any additional comments, thoughts, or questions that may require follow-up here.