A warm welcome to Introduction to IPEC.

We would greatly appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey, which will enable us to learn more about your background and experience. It will take you about 5 minutes.

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Michael Morton and Jude Stern, IAPB
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Question Title

* 1. Do you participate in or plan policy dialogues with any of the following groups? [select all that apply]

  Several times a year or more Around once a year Every few years Never
Ministry of Health
Other relevant ministries (e.g. Education, Labour, Finance)
Eye health non-government organisations
Civil society (e.g. schools, universities, professional associations)
Eye health private sector
World Health Organization

Question Title

* 2. Please rate your confidence to complete the following steps towards IPEC.

Please select "Not a part of my role" if the task is not relevant to your current work.

  Not a part of my role Low Medium High
2a: Understand national or subnational health priorities and strategic planning processes
2b: Identify key stakeholders for IPEC who need to be engaged
2c: Gain buy-in and commitment to IPEC by completing a policy dialogue with the government
2d: Integrate eye health with other sectors (e.g. education, labour, finance)

Question Title

* 3. As part of your work, do you face any barriers to any of the above steps?