1. General Information

Thanks for your interest in the IP Address Manager 4.1 Release Candidate program (RC). Participation in this program requires completion of this brief survey about your environment. You must complete the entire survey to become eligible.

Couple reminders about Release Candidates:
- Release Candidates can be installed on the production system you have running today. We fully support upgrades from RCx to RCy or RC# to GA.
- You can contact Support with any Release Candidate issues you encounter. As always, we also encourage you to post on the IPAM forum so the community, support, and product managers can assist you.

Thanks in advance for you time!

SolarWinds IPAM Product Team

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* 3. A Thwack community user ID is required for access to the private RC forum.

If you do not have one, you can join here: http://www.thwack.com/user/CreateUser.aspx?ReturnUrl=

Please enter your Thwack community user ID:

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* 4. A current maintenance agreement is required to participate in the RC program. Please provide your SolarWinds SW number in the text field below in the format "SW######".

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* 5. Please indicate how important each of these Troubleshooting and Incident Response capabilities are to you

  Very Important Nice to have I don't need it now
Ability to quickly disconnect a device from the network using a “kill command” and/or IP/MAC address black lists
Ability to search and find details on an IP address regardless of where its used on the network.
Ability to identify devices assigned to an IP Address (e.g., MAC Address vendor, OS and assigned switch port)
Ability to automatically discover and map network devices
Specialized capabilities to manage VoIP (e.g., call volume, service level quality, call-path troubleshooting, etc.)