#cistechconx - Classroom visits and iPad workshops

Canadian International School Bangalore has been using 1:1 learning with iPads for 5 years. We are ready to share our experience and to host a 2 day workshop early in the new year. This survey serves to gather information on interest levels. Please respond honestly and we will move forward with planning using your suggestions and your feedback.

* 1. Which model would work best for teachers at your school?

* 2. Which month or months would be best?

* 3. If the registration fee was approximately 5000 INR for one day and 7000INR for two day, how many teachers from your school would you be able to send?

* 4. Add your name, school name and email address here if you are interested in learning more and staying connected with us as we turn this idea into a reality.

* 5. Do you have any suggestions or ideas that would help us plan this workshop? Would you be interested in presenting? Share in the space provided.