Thank you for participating in the Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) / ARC Advisory Group research survey on plant connectivity.  There are 3 sections to the survey - 8 questions, plus demographics.  Questions preceded by an asterisk must be answered.
All 3 sections must be completed for you to be entered into the prize drawing for one of 50 Visa gift cards, each with a $20 value*.  It should take you no more than 10 minutes to complete the survey.  The survey is open to industrial companies, industrial suppliers, industrial product manufacturers, and other companies involved in asset intensive industries. 
This research helps you understand the OIC's IoTivity project which is designed to let you interconnect all devices within your plant efficiently and effectively.  The graphic at the top of each page illustrates some key components of the OIC IoTivity project.
Please Note:  Your trust and confidentiality is very important to the OIC and ARC Advisory Group.  All data will only be used in aggregate, and no individual responses will be highlighted or disclosed in published research.   In addition, we will never contact you as a result of this survey unless you give us permission to at the end of the survey.

* The survey will close on Friday, 15th March 2016.  Visa gift card winners will be notified by 31st March 2016.