1. Intramural Survey

Please take this quick survey about what you get from intramurals and how we can improve. Thank you for your time.

* 1. What role do you take on with intramurals?

* 2. Please select one of the following?

* 3. Why do you participate in Intramurals? (May check more than one)

* 4. What have you participated in this academic year? (May choose more than one)

* 5. How did your participation in intramurals improve the following for you:

  Poor Fair Neutral Good Excellent
Frequency of exercise
Athletic ability
Connection to the campus community
Time management
Tolerance to stressfull situations
Overall wellness

* 6. Please rate your satisfaction with the following:

  Unsatisfied Fair Neutral Good Excellent N/A
IM Leagues
Captains Guide
Office Hours
Championship Shirts/Events
Amount of Teams Participating

* 7. Please rate the quality of the following groups

  Poor Fair Neutral Good Excellent
Game Staff
Proffessional Staff (Coordinator and GA)

* 8. How important do you think intramurals are to:

  Not at all Somewhat Neutral A little bit A-lot
Stetson Administration
Stetson Overall
Your Stetson Experience

* 9. Please rate your overall experience:

  Poor Fair Neutral Good Excellent

* 10. What have you learned/gained from your experience in intramurals?

* 11. Comments or suggestions?