In the Company of Artisans (ICA) is a soon-to-be not-for-profit organization that will represent its members (“artisans”) across the north shore of Lake Superior. The organization will promote the north shore’s incredible wealth of creative talent to its communities, region, and visitors.

Our vision is to provide the opportunity to foster a spirit of adventure, creativity, workmanship, fellowship, diversity, and excellence among our fellow artisans, communities, and visitors.

Our mission is to bring our members and visitors together. We will endeavour to showcase the stunning talent of our north shore communities to the world.

Our first step will be to rally the creative talent across our communities. The second step will be to form the organization and create a website to begin showcasing our artisans to the world. We will also engage visitors and promote our artisans through social media, building partnerships with stakeholders across the region, and establish a regional brand to rally behind.

By submitting this form, you are expressing your interest in the organization and believe in what it represents.