Welcome to the 3rd International Permaculture Research Survey!

Dear Participant,

Thank you for taking part in the International Permaculture Research Survey :) It's going really well so far with responses from over 50 countries. There is an amazing range of research being carried out and even more seems to be in demand!

We have received a lot of positive feedback from participants and we really appreciate your support of this project - without your engagement, our work would not be possible.

We are now happy to launch our third survey (which again is very simple, straight forward and should not take you longer than 10 minutes). The purpose of this survey is to identify how the permaculture research community learns and communicates. We would like to know what YOU consider is important so that we can shape the future of this project according to your needs and interests.

If you have not yet filled in Survey 1, please do so before answering this survey. It is available at:


Survey 2 is also available at:


Thank you very much for participating again and for being part of this project. We hope you enjoy completing this survey!