* 1. Name and Contact Information of Person Making the Inquiry

* 2. Prospect School Name

* 3. School Contact Information

* 5. How many students attend this school? 

* 6. What grade levels does this school have? 

* 7. What company is currently providing the Food Service for your school? This would be your district or an external food service management company. Please tell us who this is. 

* 8. What is your current lunch schedule? How many lunches, what times and duration are they, and what grades eat in each lunch?

* 9. Do you have a full service kitchen in your school? 

* 10. Please list kitchen equipment that is in the kitchen. 

* 11. Does your school participate in the NSLP? (National School Lunch Program)

* 12. If yes to question 13, what percentage of the students qualify for NSLP? 

* 13. What percentage of students participate in the school lunch program (don't bring lunch to school)?

* 14. What other things can you tell us about the school that would help us know more about your students, community, and how we might be able to partner together? 

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