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Have you ever wondered what it means to be an intercultural citizen?

We created the Intercultural Citizenship Test, so you can find out more about what intercultural citizenship is. This test goes beyond testing the level of your intercultural citizenship by also providing food for thought and relevant materials. There are no wrong or right answers here, we are not trying to evaluate you. We hope that taking the test creates some good food for thought, and that you have fun learning about yourself in the process.

The test has 18 questions in total and 6 additional demographic questions at the end as well as 2 feedback questions.
Some good tips before you get started:
  • To navigate the test, scroll down to see the question below the picture and jump between questions by clicking next or prev.
  • Hover over each question to see some additional info.
  • Make sure to catch the good ideas for further actions after each question, including the links to further materials if you’re interested.
The test of course is free, and anonymous. See the full privacy notice here.

Click next if you are interested to find out about your intercultural citizenship!