Guidelines for mystery shopping

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An interchange is a station or stop at which passengers can change from one mode of transport to another or within the same mode (e.g. from one train or Underground line to another; from one bus to another, or from a bus to a train).

As far as possible, please try to focus your evaluation on issues particularly relevant to people interchanging rather than the way in which non-interchange stations or stops would be used.

Each of the following sections deals with one particular aspect of the interchange. Depending on the size of the interchange, it takes approximately 30-60 minutes to complete the evaluation.  This form is deliberately wide-ranging to help encourage you to consider every aspect of an interchange from the passenger perspective. It is based on the findings of our Interchange Matters report. If you are unable to complete all sections, simply complete the ones you think are most important.  Specific questions are provided to help with your evaluation and guide you in your observations. Please provide an overall rating at the end of each section using the following scale:

5          Performs extremely well in all or most evaluation criteria

4          Good overall performance
3          Acceptable performance overall or good/poor in some areas

2          Poor overall performance with many areas for improvement

1          Unacceptable performance in all or most areas

A space for comments is provided next to many questions, at the end of each section and for an overall rating on the last page. Please use this to write anything that you feel is necessary to help understand the reason for your answers.

Each section also has a box for you to suggest any improvements that you think are required, based on your observations and evaluation.

Please be aware that you may be approached by station staff and asked to explain the reason for your visit. You might also be asked to ‘sign in’ with the station manager.