Informed Consent

Rekindling love within a committed relationship is a lot of work. Self-help books, talk shows and psychotherapists suggest many ways, but they often come down to two main approaches: touch and talk. Touch means you and your partner will give each other a 30 second hug every day for one month, anytime in the day. Talk means you and your partner will set aside 15 minutes to talk about your relationships at least 3 times each week for one month. This is an invitation for you to participate in this study in the TALK EXERCISE. Your assigned activity is described in more detail on the next page. You will each need to complete this questionnaire twice:

1) The first one is a pre-test of where you are now and should take you no longer than fifteen minutes. Each partner completes their questionnaire individually and privately and both partners use the same "Couple ID" that you create.
2) Please talk for fifteen minutes at least three times a week for one month. Some suggested topics are listed on the following page. The structure for the talk is also illustrated on the next page.
3) The second questionnaire is the post-test and needs to be done in one month. It should also take you no longer than 15 minutes. It is exactly the same as the pre-test, and thus can be reached through the same website link as what brought you here. You will both need to use the same "Couple ID" you initially created the second time you complete the questionnaire. Just remember to respond to the questions the second time with where you are at in one month in terms of your view of the relationship and self. Don't try and match your answers to your first test, choose the first responses that come to mind.
4) Thus, participation will look like this:

1) Each partner completes pre-test 2) Talk for one month 3) Each partner completes post-test

As a participant, you have a choice of refusing to participate, not answering any questions or withdrawing at any time. Participation in research is voluntary. After completing the survey, you will be given an opportunity to indicate if you would like to participate in the second half of the study, which involves an hour interview surrounding these same topics. Not everyone who gives their contact information will be contacted, but those who do participate in the interview will be given ten dollars in compensation as well as refreshments. Due to the nature of the study, if both partners in a couple complete the survey and give contact information, they are more likely to be selected for individual interviews. The research data will be kept until April 2018, and after which will be destroyed. Those who will have access to the data collected are the Principal Investigator, Dr. Martin Rovers and his research assistant.
These topics can be distressing for some. If one would like to discuss the distress, one session of therapy will be made available to you through the Saint Paul University Counselling Centre. The research has been carefully reviewed and approved by the Saint Paul University’s Research Ethics Review Committee. You may not benefit directly from participating in this study; however, the research will be very helpful for couple therapists in determining possible effects of touch and talk in couple relationships. This will allow for a more effective therapeutic approach.

Confidentiality will be respected and no identifying information will be required. If you choose to do this research with your partner, you both need to choose ONE couple code ( e.g. some numbers of letters that would make sense to you both only) in order to match the data of each partner of the couple. The software used by this study, Survey Monkey, is American based software so it is subject to the Patriot Act. This means that confidentiality of the data cannot be guaranteed nor the anonymity of