Institute for Youth Work consultation

This consultation aims to find out what those who work in the youth work sector think about the proposal to set up an Institute for Youth Work (IYW).

The idea of setting up an IYW has been talked about for some time and there have been other consultations over the last year aiming to establish what people think.

A consultation held in November 2011 by the National Youth Agency, as part of its work with the NCVYS-led Catalyst consortium, found that there was strong support for exploring the potential for an IYW to promote quality youth work and secure standards for ethical, effective practice. There was support for this from across the whole youth work sector, including voluntary organisations, local authorities, and individuals.

However there were many different views on the form that an IYW should take, and what services it should offer. We have used the feedback received so far to draw up a proposal, and we would like to ask your views on the proposal as it stands at the moment.

It is important to stress that this is a truly open process. We aim to find out if there is real support for an IYW, whether or not youth workers and youth work organisations would join it in the form proposed, or whether there are ways in which the proposal could be amended to better meet the requirements of the sector. If our consultation reveals insufficient support within the sector to make it viable, the project will not be taken forward.

We look forward to hearing your views by 31 July 2012.

Education and Training Standards Committee - IYW steering group