Welcome & thank you for deciding to help us understand giving and what that means to you.

New Zealanders give to others in many ways. In fact, you may be one of these people and you don’t even realise it. From donating loose change to a worthy cause, to giving in a formal way through direct debits; from giving to a homeless person on the street, to taking part in a sponsored charity event – these are all examples of giving. Not all charitable giving is to charities, donations may be made to individuals too.

And, giving is not just about donating money. Many people contribute time to good causes. It’s not just about volunteering for a charity, it may be as simple as cooking a meal for someone who is unwell, buying and donating food for a food bank, volunteering at your child’s playgroup, baking cakes for the school fundraiser or helping at your church fair. Many young people coach sports teams or volunteer at community sporting events, surf lifesaving is a great example of this.

This year, our digital annual report will focus on the theme of 'Inspiring Generosity'. We know there are many generous Kiwis throughout the country, and we are keen to find out what motivates and inspires them to give.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this survey for us at The Tindall Foundation.

Please note: Some of the results of this 10 minute survey will be shared via The Tindall Foundation digital annual report. You will remain anonymous in the reporting of these results. Results of the survey may be used for media purposes, however your details will not be shared and are for research purposes only.

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